Spoken For - The Archives Of SOLD Crystals, Clusters, Rough....

Here is a continuing pictorial of Montgomery Crystal Co's rock crystals, quartz clusters, rose and lavender quartz rough, brilliantwood and yttrium fluorites which have been purchased and therefore are no longer for sale.

SOLD: Powerful A Grade Arkansas Laser CrystalSOLD: Multi-Layer Heart Shaped Rainbow Elestial - Arkansas - Cabinet SizedSOLD: Cabinet Arkansas Rock Crystal Laser, A+ plus Manifestation Point
SOLD: Arkansas Penetrated Tabular Crystal, Oil Slick RainbowsSOLD: Clear Diamond Window Interrupted Growth Point, White Phantom SOLD: Standing Arkansas Tabular Chisel Crystal
SOLD: Elestial, Parallel Growth Arkansas Winged Doubly-Terminated Crystal, MiniatureSOLD: Classic Crystal Clear Penetrated Point, White PhantomSOLD:  Glittering Stitchmark Trans-Channeling Arkansas Crystal Point
SOLD: Arkansas Rock Crystal Isis TwinsSOLD: Chubby Glyph Quartz Crystal, Ingrown TwinSOLD: Huge Record Keepers Skeletal Triple Twin Set, Large Cabinet Sized
SOLD: Orange Tabular, Black Brookite Blades to Arkansas Rock Crystal SOLD:  Doubly-Terminated Rainbow Arkansas Crystal - EIGHT Faces To Each TerminationSOLD: NINE-Faced Clear Channel Point,  Arkansas Hera
SOLD: Arkansas Hera Trans-Channeling Crystal, Small CabinetSOLD: Arkansas Trans-Channeling Crystal, Perfect Point - Small CabinetBrilliant Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster with Vortex Charging Plate Record Keepers Rainbows SOLD
SOLD:  Large Cabinet Arkansas Crystal Plate, Cross Formation, Sandstone RippleSOLD: Arkansas Small Cabinet Cluster, Rare White PhantomSOLD: Delicate White Phantoms, Clear Stitchmark Arkansas Cluster
SOLD: Rare To Location Brookite Blade in Arkansas Quartz ClusterSOLD: Gem Clear Large Cabinet Arkansas Cluster with True DOW CrystalSOLD: A Tabular Cathedral Crystal Cluster, Faden Veils - extremely rare - Arkansas.
SOLD: Ultra-Rare Arkansas Abundance Cluster with Manifestation CrystalSOLD: Dishy Large Arkansas Plate ClusterSOLD: Large Arkansas Quartz Cluster: Nine-Faced Rarity, Diamond Windows
SOLD: Arkansas Miniature Plate Cluster with a Merlin Crystal, Very RareSOLD: Darling Personally-Sized Arkansas Plate Cluster, Small CabinetSOLD: Showy Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster, Rainbow Foils, Cabinet Sized
SOLD: Miniature Cluster, Large Manifestation Crystal, ArkansasSOLD: Brilliant Arkansas Cluster of Doubly-Terminated CrystalsSOLD: Extremely Rare Abundance Cluster, Arkansas Thumbnail
SOLD: Brilliant Quartz Cluster on Matrix, 7 Uncommon 7h Faced PointsSOLD: Mine 'Fresh',  Tall Clear and Milk Quartz Cluster SOLD: Sparkling Arkansas Crystal Cluster, Sandstone Matrix
SOLD: Penetrated Laser Rock Crystal ClusterSOLD: Rainbow Floater - Arkansas Crystal Plate ClusterSOLD: Excellent Doubly-Terminated Diamond Windows Rainbow Crystal Cluster
SOLD: Handsome Arkansas Laser Crystal Cluster, Triangular Sandstone MatrixSOLD: Classic Thumbnail, Veryveryvery Rare, Step-Faced White Abundance ClusterSOLD: Heart-Shaped Cluster Bouquet of Arkansas Crystals
SOLD: Tangerine Twin Golden Healer Cluster SOLD: Arkansas Golden Healer Multi-Layered Cluster, Large CabinetSOLD: Multi-Directional Arkansas Golden Healer Plate, 'Floating' Doubly-Terminated Crystals
SOLD:  Humor & Whimsy - Fishtail Arkansas Golden Doubly-Terminated Rock CrystalSOLD: Brilliant Dark Golden Healer Plate Cluster, ArkansasSOLD:  Sunburst - Arkansas Golden Healer Floater Cluster, White Titanium Graphics
SOLD: Red Golden Tabular Rock Crystal SOLD: Golden Healer and White Arkansas Rock Crystal ClusterSOLD: Golden Healer Hera Transmitter Crystal, Small Cabinet
SOLD: Arkansas Golden Healer Hera CrystalSOLD: Golden Healer Channel, Round 2d Generation QuartzesSOLD: Glittering Golden Healer Crystal with Foils and Drusy
SOLD: Honey Golden Healer Cluster, Big Isis Faced PointSOLD: Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Golden Healer, IrisSOLD: Large Rainbow Tabular Arkansas Golden Healer Hera Crystal
SOLD: Arkansas Pale Golden Healer [shockingly!] Rainbowed Chisel-Faced [rare!] CrystalSOLD: Golden and White Plate Cluster with Many 7h Faced CrystalsSOLD: Lovely Isis Faced Tabular Golden Healer Hera Crystal
SOLD: Golden Healer Channel CrystalSOLD: Tangerine Golden Healer Crystal Cluster, ArkansasSOLD:  Miniature Size Deep Golden Healer Cluster, White Quartz Chrysanthemum
SOLD: Golden Healer Laser Crystal Cluster, Charcoal Sandstone Matrix, Small CabinetSOLD: Golden Healer Manifestation Crystal, Arkansas - Large CabinetSOLD: Pinecone -  Golden Healer Burr Cluster, Striped Frosted Crystals - Outstanding Cabinet Size
SOLD: ILLUMINATOR Pendulum, Bookmark - Rock Crystal, Carved Carnelian Horse, Leopardskin Jasper, Tiger Iron, Pumpkin VelvetSOLD:  Parcel/Hugely Uncommon Iron Included Arkansas CrystalsSOLD: RARE, Red Clay Included Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Quartz Crystal
SOLD:  Parcel of RARE Arkansas CLAY Included QuartzesSOLD: EASE Bracelet - Rock Crystal, Carved Carnelian Horses, Carved Black Onyx, Goldstone,Moonstone, Pyrite, Leopardskin Jasper Beads, Vintage Tortoise GlassSOLD:  Pale Pearly Pink Miniature Rough Rose Quartz Pyramid
SOLD: Gleaming Rainbow South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Cabinet SizeSOLD:  Pretty Pink Rose Quartz Miniature, South Dakota SOLD:  Iron Oxide Dotted Occlusion, South Dakota Rose Quartz
SOLD: Naturally Iridescent Multi-Pink Rose Quartz Rough, Large CabinetSOLD: South Dakota Gemmy Standing Rose Quartz Rough, MiniatureSOLD: Gem Grade Lapidary-Worthy Very Pink South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD: South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Cabinet, Lapidary PotentialSOLD: Big  South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Full ColorSOLD: Gem Pink South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough, Rainbows
SOLD: Rose Quartz Cubed - Natural South Dakota RoughSOLD: South Dakota Candy Pink Rose Quartz RoughSOLD:  Bright Blush Pink South Dakota Rough Rose Quartz
SOLD: ILLUMINATOR: Bookmark/Pendulum - Sterling Filigree, Enamel, Lovely Rock Crystal, Merlot Velvet, Garnet, Red Jade, HeartsSOLD: California Closed Mine Lavender Rose Quartz RoughSOLD: Richly Lavender Rose Quartz Rough, Cabinet
SOLD:  Large Gemmy California Lavender Rose Quartz RoughSOLD:  Parcel of Rare California Lavender Rose Quartz RoughSOLD: Natural Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite Slice - Colorado USA
SOLD: Translucent Bi-Colored Botryoidal American Fluorite, MiniatureSOLD: Colorado Yttrium Fluorite Slab, Rare Botryoidal Growth HabitSOLD: Neatly Cut Yttrium Botryoidal Fluorite Slab - Colorado
SOLD: Very Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite, MiniatureSOLD:  Double Layer Freeform Natural Heart, Colorado Botryoidal FluoriteSOLD: American Yttrium Fluorite, Hand Cut Rarity
SOLD: Colorado Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite - Partially CutSOLD: Botryoidal Yttrium Fluorite Slice, Colorado MiniatureSOLD: Botryoidal Bi-Colored Rare Yttrium Fluorite Miniature
SOLD: Super Translucent Lavender Yttrium Fluorite, USA, Hand CutSOLD: Botryoidal Colorado Lavender Yttrium Fluorite SliceSOLD:  Heart Shaped Arkansas BLUE PHANTOM Plate Cluster, Miniature
SOLD: Isis Crystal on Dark Blue Shale Included QuartzSOLD: Extraordinary Fine Blue Phantom Abundance Cluster, Miniature SOLD: Doubly-Terminated, Blue Included, Multi-Color Neon Irises Crystal, 13 FACES
SOLD: Mamillary Clay Base, Castled Blue Ghosted Blue Phantom ClusterSOLD: Lacy Shale Blue Phantoms to Arkansas Quantum ClusterSOLD: Arkansas Super Blue, White Capped Phantom Rare Chisel-Faced Point
SOLD: Exceptional Arkansas Blue Phantom Burr Cluster, Extremely RareSOLD: Arkansas TEN FACED Blue Phantom Cathedral ClusterSOLD: Arkansas Blue Phantoms [dark shale] on Sandstone Matrix
SOLD: Arkansas Blue Phantom Quartz Cluster with GhostSOLD: Arkansas Blue Phantom, Heart Shaped Abundance Cluster: RARE ThumbnailSOLD: GREEN CHLORITE PHANTOMS, Isis Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystall
SOLD: ILLUMINATOR Bookmark, Pendulum - Ultra Rare A PLUS Grade, 8 Faced Rock Crystal, Tourmalines, Jade, Citrine, Pistachio VelvetSOLD: Petite Pristine Doubly-Terminated Green Chlorite Phantom CrystalsSOLD: Choice Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Green/Tan Chlorite Phantom Rock Crystal
SOLD: Multi-Terminated Penetrated Green Phantom Crystal, RainbowSOLD: Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom Tabular Twinned CrystalsSOLD: Green/White Chlorite "X" Crystal Formation
SOLD: Intergrown Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Green Chlorite CrystalsSOLD: Arkansas Multi-Colored Chlorite Phantom ChannelSOLD: Multi-Directional Green Chlorite Included Arkansas Mini Cathedral Quartz Cluster
SOLD: Crescent Shaped Arkansas Plate Cluster Sparkles - Clear Green Chlorite PhantomsSOLD: Arkansas Chlorite Phantom DT Crystals with Manifestation PointsSOLD: Brilliantwood
SOLD:  Smoky Quartz Drusy, Petrified Wood MatrixSOLD:  Brilliantwood - Petrified Wood with Chocolate Smoky Quartz DrusySOLD: Sparkling Jewelry Quality Alabama Brilliantwood
SOLD: Natural Heart: Scilicified Wood, Smoky Quartz DrusySOLD: Lovely Modern HEART SHAPED Natural Arkansas Quartz Crystal ClusterSOLD:  GLASS BACK Arkansas Rock Crystal Twins Cluster
SOLD: Gem Grade LAVENDER ROSE QUARTZ For A RARE FocalSOLD: Very Clear Amethyst Quartz Cluster WITH Goethite, Smoky Quartz, and TINY Calcite Dribble, RainbowsSOLD: Golden Healer Self-Healed Arkansas Crystal Point, Record Keeper
SOLD: Really Rose GEMMY South Dakota Rose Quartz RoughSOLD: 10-FACED Point, White Arkansas Quartz ClusterSOLD: Very Rainbowed Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster - Small Cabinet Sized
SOLD: Desirably Pink Natural Rose Quartz Rough, LapidarySOLD: Classic Rainbowed Arkansas Rock Crystal Plate Cluster, Curved BaseSOLD: Arkansas BLUE PHANTOM Quartz Cluster, Miniature
SOLD:  Sugar Pink Rose Quartz Rough with Two BLACK TOURMALINE Pips - South DakotaSOLD: GEM GRADE Rainbow South Dakote Rose Quartz Rough - LapidarySOLD: Graphic Pale Yellow Golden Healer Rock Crystal Cluster, Sandstone Matrix
SOLD: Doubly-Terminated Green Chlorite Arkansas Phantom - Cathedral AND Castle EndsSOLD: RARE Botryoidal Translucent Yttrium Fluorite, USASOLD: Isis-Faced Arkansas Green Chlorite PHANTOM Point
SOLD: Ethereal Seascape Arkansas Rock Crystal LASER ClusterSOLD: VIBRANT Miniature Arkansas Quartz Cluster Sits Up 5 WaysSOLD: Pristine Rarities - Natural Rock Crystal Trio of Points
SOLD: Very Rare Yttrium Fluorite Harvested In A Natural Heart ShapeSOLD: Gem Deep Pink Natural Rose Quartz Rough SlabSOLD: Gleaming Yellow and White Arkansas Golden Healer Quartz Cluster
SOLD: Rainbow Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster, Miniature Sized- Giant EnergySOLD: Honey Golden Healer Quartz Cluster - Freeform HeartSOLD: 10 Cut, Tumbled Tourmalines Totalling 8 Grams - 40 Carats - MultiColored
SOLD: Horn of Plenty - BRILLIANTwood, Smoky Quartz Over Petrified WoodSOLD: LAUGHING ESPRESSO - BRILLIANTWOOD - Chocolate Tones of Smoky Quartz Drusy on Petrified WoodSOLD: AMETHYST PHANTOM ROCK CRYSTAL CLUSTER, CALCITE RIBBON - Exotic, From Brazil
SOLD: GOLDEN HEALER Rock Crystal Cluster Plus Extra IronSOLD:  EXQUISITE Coniferous Style Arkansas Rock Crystal ClusterSOLD: RED Golden Healer Arkansas Rock Crystal Cluster
SOLD: Arkansas Rock Crystal, Twinned Blue PhantomsSOLD: Penetrated, Naturally Etched Arkansas Blue PhantomsSOLD: NATURAL FREEFORM ROSE QUARTZ HEART - Multi Pinks in South Dakota Rose Quartz Rough
SOLD:  LITTLE ONE Barrette - Beautiful Gem Quartz Crystal, Iridescent Cultured Pearls, French ClipSOLD: TOUJOURS Barrette - Rainbow Veils Rock Crystal, Peach Iridescent Cultured Pearls, Silver Hearts and Rice BeadsSOLD:  Doubly-Terminated Crystal and Doubly-Terminated PHANTOM - Hens Teeth Blue AND White
SOLD:  HEART OF ROSE QUARTZ - Naturally Shaped, South DakotaSOLD: CHIC - Jewelled Picture Frame PAIR - Antique Facetted Rhinestones and Beads, Natural Rock CrystalsSOLD:  ADIRONDACK SCALLOP Barrette - Gold Stars, Natural Quartz Crystal, Cream Gold Cranberry Olive Tapestry
SOLD: SILK CLIPS Earrings - RED RED Table Cut Facetted Glass Stones, Real Rock CrystalsSOLD: Powerful LASER Quartz Crystal - Arkansas Green Chlorite PHANTOMSOLD:  Gemmy Apple Green Peridot Crystal
SOLD: SWEET Rose Quartz Nugget Rough - South Dakota NaturalSOLD: Angel Wings - Arkansas Natural Gem Rock CrystalSOLD: CECE Clips - Matched Arkansas Rock Crystals, Vintage Rhinestones
SOLD: Gorgeous ROSE QUARTZ ROUGH - Natural South DakotaSOLD:  WISH CRYSTAL - Diamond Shaped Arkansas Dogtooth Quartz Crystal with Very Rare MANIFESTATION CRYSTAL INSIDE,SOLD: BIMINI Clips - Rock Crystals, Ammonites, Tiger Eye, Copal, Pyrite, Brass, Horn
SOLD: LUNA Peeper Keeper Necklace - Pale Green Carved Jade, Rock Crystal, Onyx, Moonstone, Facetted Topaz SwarovskiSOLD:  SUPER NATURAL TABULAR ROCK CRYSTAL - Arkansas Anomaly To Hold or To Wear