The Point Is - Archive of Notes & Observations at Montgomery Crystal Co

The Point Is - Archive of Notes & Observations at Montgomery Crystal Co
25 September 19: we thank you for choosing a Montgomery Crystal - each one is a natural American phenomena, mined by hand and cleaned using the gentlest methods.

Keep in mind that these are the same precious stones used to power watches and computers. They can amplify the best you've got to give, so use them well.

Sent gift boxed.

17 September 19: enormous energy looks nearly ladylike - the Triangle Choker works equally well for a collector with its' rare, iron included Arkansas rock crystal, or for a friend who merely dresses by color. 01A20

10 September 19: Tabular crystals are said to be especially good at straining out relationship and negotiation bumps-in-the-road - and this one can also sit up to supervise.

Self-displays, All The Time. WTDT6-1592

03 September 19: this is not a 'starter' cluster, though it might be the only one you need for your collection.

Exquisite. Rare form: burr clusters have crystals all the way around. Fabulous clarity. Devic and white titanium veils. Many crystals doubly-, multi-terminated. More than several crystals with uncommon 7h faces. Step faces [rare], extra prism faces. Rainbows, record keepers, a stand of points.

Self-displays, All The Time. Exquisite Large Rock Crystal Burr Cluster, Rare Habits

28 August 19: always popular, our Sacandaga brooch features a gem grade Arkansas rock crystal, grounding rich red garnets, balancing multi-colored fancy jasper, and protective deep green moss agate to stylishly help you usher in the new season in good humor, smooth flow.

20 August 19: each rock crystal, like each of us, is the sum of its' parts, and the differences in formation can vary widely! There is no such thing as 'just a plain crystal', as your examination starting with the astounding Arkansas tabular crystal pictured below will show -

Any questions? Shoot us an email!

13 August 19: need some direction or inspiration? Going to be a house guest? Sending your child off to college with highest hopes? Give our WILDEST DREAMS handmade frame and help realize them! Sent gift boxed. Ask for gift wrap at no extra charge!

06 August 19: each rock crystal is the only one. Just as there is no atom for atom twin to you, each rock crystal is as individual as you. Shown, the LAST ONE of our Hostess endless necklace in red. You may ask for violet instead, it's ALSO the LAST ONE!

29 July 19: Nothing we see or hear is perfect. But right there in the imperfection is perfect reality. Shunryu Suzuki

23 July 19: Arkansas rock crystal clusters emphasize individuals combining to groups. What's special still stands out and enhances the whole. Get your clique and see what you notice.

16 July 19: AGAIN - natural [Arkansas!] rock crystals are all about balance and clearing the energy around them. Good to have with you as you meander on, free of fake coatings and all direction lost from tumbling/polishing.

09 July 19: natural [Arkansas!] rock crystals are all about balance and clearing the energy around them. Good to have with you as you meander on, free of fake coatings and all direction lost from tumbling/polishing.

25 June 19: you can jumpstart yourself when you communicate with a great crystal cluster. Empty all the flying debris from your brain, focus, and then see.

21 June 19: we wish you a happy summer solstice with balance and light hearted grace - and writing of which, send for your own Beach Tassel necklace to bask with. Matching Beach Tassel ears are available, too!

11 June 19: it's June 11th - Fathers' Day is the 16th! Hurry and get him a Boy's Life jewelled picture frame so he can have a precious momento. Sent gift boxed and wrapped, with the message of your choice.

04 June 19: in these times of misinformation and fantasy swirling around like dryer lint, we suggest you get your head together and hold on to a great rock while you sort things out. The large rare Arkansas blue phantom cluster shown would be a good start. B07-795 O - and get an extra: Father's Day is June 16th.

22 May 19: rock crystals are more than willing, when you are focused, to work WITH you. which is to say that they do not work FOR you - it's a team effort.

14 May 19: if rarity is the focus of your collecting, start with natural anomalies such as rock crystals with 'extra' faces - the Arkansas golden healer cluster shown has 7h, 8h, and 9th! faced members, not to mention that it's from the type locality of Collier Creek.

Great variety for a little price, sent gift boxed.

7 May 19: MOTHER'S DAY is May 12 - and so now you can send a make-up gift. Choose a pair of remarkably well-matched Arkansas rock crystals with juicy amethyst Little Sticks earrings to show her off!

Gift boxed, Gift WRAPPED when asked at no charge. Ships to you, or to she.

30 April 19: MOTHER'S DAY is May 12 - for all the times your mom's held you up, give her a lift with the Lace Wing pin - a joy of rock crystal and carved rose quartz sparkled with Swarovski glass.

Gift boxed, Gift WRAPPED when asked at no charge. Ships to you, or to she.

23 April 19: MOTHER'S DAY is May 12 - be a genius and give her Chou Twist - you don't even have to search for that list of sizes she gave you.

Gift boxed, Gift WRAPPED when asked. Ships to you, or to she.

16 April 19: you can WEAR your crystals and be hands free! An endlessly fashionable choice is our Filigree Cross Pendant with Arkansas rock crystal and peridot, which comes to you on a black velvet choker. It can be changed out and worn on your own chain, too.

8 April 19: with the California mines having been closed in 1997, the rarity of available fine, natural lavender rose quartz has increased monumentally. Avail yourselves of our rapidly dwindling supply!

2 April 19: direct to your heart chakra with emphasis on balance and healing, green chlorite phantoms are held to be elementally helpful. Working with them can be most beneficial for you. We suggest the large cabinet, no matrix cluster shown. Get started helping yourself!

26 March 19: Venus is harmonious for the next four weeks. That should make day-to-day relations and interactions much easier - so pin on some extra confidence! Send for your bee and/or butterfly brooches for that extra lift!

19 March 19: whether you are collecting for type, rarity, overall prettiness, or location our Arkansas rock crystal clusters will amaze you with their concentrated pure energy,

Sometimes you need the help of a group - find them here!

If you are new to this, or cannot choose, please ask us.

7 March 19: The Point Is: that with Mercury in retrograde and Uranus tearing around in Taurus now you may need the twin helps of grounding and clarity.

Natural smoky quartz is rare to Arkansas, but we have some fine specimens to aid you.

28 February 19: Each rock crystal, quartz cluster, rough stone and bead has been chosen for our stock by asking them if they are the right ones to come with us for you. So that much has been settled.

When we combine them to make jewelry [and Illuminator tm bookmark/pendulums, Bud Bottles, Jeweled Picture Frames and so forth], it's the crystals, clusters, and stones who choose the beads, findings, ribbons, velvets to be with.

It's also the way your gift crystal or cluster is found and sent to you.

Take a moment to reflect on that...and you might like to see the feedback page, too!

18 February 19: Rainbows in quartz crystals can occur by inner reflective fracture, the light playing off the shells of empty water bubbles, crossed axis between two or more crystals, and/or included crystals. They can cheer us, help us to focus, and even strengthen us to rise from injury.

5 February19: Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Interest your sweetie in your hobby in the most natural way - with our hearts!

Joyous, ferocious! small for your collection, inspiration, or gift giving! Overall 3/4"x 1-1/2"x 2-3/4" tall, from Arkansas. Have you ever been so happy?

Make haste!

29 January 19: Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Interest your sweetie in your hobby in the most natural way - with our hearts!

Natural Arkansas rock crystal clusters, jewelry with gemstone hearts, Illuminator tm bookmark/pendulums all speak for your intent and affection.

Make haste!

19 January 2019: We want to THANK YOU for helping us reach our 29th birthday today.

As always, each Arkansas crystal and cluster, California and South Dakota rough - even each gemstone bead and carving has been chosen by hand at the source - and asked to come with us for you.

As always, your orders carry a gift stone chosen by those you have sent for.

As always, a large part of what we do it teach. So if you have questions, feel free.

January 8/19: Natural smoky quartz of any quality is rare in Arkansas. Held to be grounding and protective, the specimen shown below has much to teach you. Just focusing on the multicolored [also] rare irises amongst the layers of parallel growth will aid you.

December 31/18: And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been, full of work that has never been done, full of tasks, claims, and demands; and let us see that we learn to take it without letting fall too much of what it has to bestow upon those who demand of it necessary, serious, and great things.

Rainer Maria Rilke

December 25/18: Ancient symbols and rock crystals highlight our continuing belief in what is right and good. Clip this barrette on and bring this great energy to and through you. Highlight is available in multiples!

December 19/18: Everyone always has something more to learn about rock crystals, their various habits, what is rare and unusual. We are delighted to say that the very first customer for Lin's book was a sharp 7- year old young man. Get yourselves and the other curious people you know your own we're all on the same page.

December 11/18: Make Sure To Give Us Ample Time For Custom Work and Shipping Of Your Gift Crystal and Cluster Orders for the Upcoming Holidays!

Gift wrap is always at no charge.

We Ship USPS: In the USA We Need To Ship On or Before:

DEC 20 First Class Mail® DEC 20 Priority Mail® DEC 22 Priority Mail Express®

To the Rest of the World by:

DEC 20 Global Express Guaranteed®

December 4/18: Discovery is a fine and exciting thing - what has both grounded AND inspired you lately?? Be proud to claim this Arkansas golden healer cross cluster for yourself or as a teaching gift for someone you cherish.

November 27/18: Crystals which have shaped themselves into any human-recognizable icons are an absolute rarity. This natural Arkansas cross has even made itself wearable - gift the UP cross necklace or even raise yourself!

November 21/18: Only ONE of you can have this amazing natural Arkansas rock crystal with TWO manifestations inside shaped as TWO crosses.

November 12/18: Have you stopped to look through all of our categories for you and for gifting lately? There will shortly be even always, every design combining the crystals is made right here, many one of kind! - so don't wait!

-Arkansas Rock Crystals

-Books: The Buyer's Guide and more

-Bookmark/Pendulums: our Illuminators tm



-Bud Bottles

-Box Tops tm TBA!


-Jeweled Picture Frames

-Key Talismans TBA!

-Little Wreaths TBA!


Arkansas Quartz Clusters

-Rough South Dakota Rose and California Lavender Quartzes

October 24/18: Arkansas rock crystals regardless of looks deliver the strongest, cleanest energy over any other sort. To select, sort, and grade, to organize your own collection get my book and learn how. The visuals are priceless and portable.

October 18/18: Natural Arkansas rock crystals and clusters are known for their exceptional clear and strong energy - the best. Shown is a large cabinet 'butterfly' with substantial, radiating force in the nicest way. Self-displays safely in several positions.

October 11/18: Each rock crystal, quartz cluster and gem rough chooses to come with us from Arkansas to find you. They also choose which gemstone beads and findings they want to combine with to suit your particular needs and style. A perennial favorite is our Lucky Bar H pin with a rare needle Arkansas rock crystal perched on the shamrock charm. Corral and focus your forces - and Western is so hot right now!

September 27/18: An outstanding, perhaps unexpected, pronounced rare faden veil inside of top quality ARKANSAS tabular crystals in parallel growth. Rainbows may tempt you to negotiate, meditate, ruminate with a lightness of spirit.

September 20/18: Natural rock crystals draw energy through and along themselves, clarify and amplify it. They do not have to be clear to do this: all veiled, milky, chipped, rough, and damaged crystals do this, too. When you specifically ask your crystal [and/or crystals, cluster[s], rough stone[s]] to help and work with you, consider the wiser, stronger and most experienced Arkansas quartz - they have the purest no-nonsense way with a dash of humor.

September 12/18: You need to ditch your expectations and go for the real. Cut to look 'real', crystals boiled alive to sear pretty and pretty toxic colors to them, swarovski glass aren't real. They can't and won't help out. Be true to yourselves and get the real thing.