The Point Is:

Once upon a time, this antique 1x 2-1/2" moulded glass vial held wafers produced by the Upjohn Company.

We've wrapped it in jewellers' brass and given it a tassel of natural Arkansas rock crystal, a real, not sponge coral [pre-embargo], iridescent abalone, fancy jasper and hematite with a black and silver Japanese foil bead and brass heishi and gears - just right for a small nosegay.

# 01B17, one of kind.

We hope you are all well and keeping so. We are, and shipping.

19 January 20 marked Montgomery Crystal Co's THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY - that's 30 years of YOUR choosing the very best natural Arkansas rock crystals to point the way!

We clearly look forward to continuing with you and catching up beginners, too! xx, lin

Each One The Only One. tm

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