The Point Is

Struggling? Get inspired by adding this this stitch-marked Hera rock crystal from Arkansas to your collection. Each 'stitch' shows growth despite obstruction; the Hera classification means regrowth. Hop to its' page and get it sent. !!! W2-13ST4

Each One The Only

WITH. Rock crystals, clusters, and other stones work WITH you, not FOR you. You are asking them to contribute, to add their energy to your focus.

Jewelry Shopping? Get Ready for Less Choice and Higher Prices.

Experts say the supply-chain delays plaguing businesses around the world are going to make it difficult to buy gem-set pieces later this year.

And USPS and other carriers are not only raising prices, but imploring you to ship your holiday packages earlier than ever [October].

We are in stock, so order away!

Each One The Only One. tm

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