Green, White, Tan Chlorite Phantom Quartz Points + Clusters

White, Tan and Green Chlorite Phantoms and Inclusions To Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals and Clusters.

Multi Terminated Triplet Green Chlorite Phantom Arkansas Crystal, WILD Barnacles
Cluster-Topped Green Chlorite Arkansas Phantom Crystal -Thumbnail
Green-White-Buff Chlorite Phantoms - Tabular Isis Arkansas Rock Crystal
Rare Dogtooth Rock Crystal with Green Chlorite Phantom
White, Chlorite Phantom Quartz Floater Cluster, Cabinet Sized
Elestial Chlorite Included Dogtooth Quantum Cluster, Miniature
Multi-Plate Cluster with Green Chlorite and SAND Phantoms
Large Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz Cluster
Rare Tan Chlorite Phantoms, White Titanium Tips - Arkansas Quartz Cluster
Grand Miniature Chlorite Included Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystal
Green Chlorite ET Compound Crystal
Tan Chlorite Phantom, Rare Irises, Arkansas Tabular Hera Crystal
White Phantoms [Rare], Sand Included Quartz Floater Cluster
Tan Chlorite Included Arkansas Crystal Quantum Floater
Green Chlorite Phantom and Inclusions to Brilliantly Barnacled Rare Dogtooth DT Rock Crystal
Mona Lisa Smile - A Face in an Arkansas Rock Crystal var. White Phantom; Green, Tan, White Chlorite Inclusions
Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom, Shield Faced Crystal
Doubly-Clustered Doubly-Terminated Green/Tan Chlorite AND White Phantom Crystals, Large Cabinet
Slightly Curved Doubly-Terminated  Multi-Layer Dark Green Chlorite Phantom Laser
20-FACED Green Chlorite Phantom Doubly-Terminated Crystal, Arkansas
Celadon/Tan Chlorite Phantoms to Clear Arkansas Thumbnail Point
Green Chlorite Phantom Clusterette, Doubly-Terminated [Miniature]
Thumbnail Green Chlorite Phantom, Rainbow Foil Point
Green Chlorite Phantoms, Interrupted Growth, Multi-Terminated Floater Crystal GDT2-19193
Showy Large Quantum Cluster, Green Chlorite and Rare Irises
Tabular Green/Tan Chlorite Phantom Twin with Reverse Scepter, Miniature
Petite Tri-Color Green Phantom - Rare Arkansas Needle Rock Crystal
Arkansas Green Chlorite Rooftop Phantom Tabular Recordkeeper Crystal, Miniature/Pendant-Sized
Fancy Natural Green Chlorite Included-Occluded Arkansas Rock Crystal Focal - Earthy, Healing, Glamorous Miniature