Green, White, Tan Chlorite Phantom Quartz Points + Clusters

White, Tan and Green Chlorite Phantoms and Inclusions To Natural Arkansas Rock Crystals and Clusters.

Multi Terminated Triplet Green Chlorite Phantom Arkansas Crystal, WILD Barnacles
Deep Green Chlorite 'Butterfly' Inclusion, Arkansas Warrior Small Pendant Point
Cluster-Topped Green Chlorite Arkansas Phantom Crystal -Thumbnail
Green-White-Buff Chlorite Phantoms - Tabular Isis Arkansas Rock Crystal
Rare Dogtooth Rock Crystal with Green Chlorite Phantom
White, Chlorite Phantom Quartz Floater Cluster, Cabinet Sized
Elestial Chlorite Included Dogtooth Quantum Cluster, Miniature
Multi-Plate Cluster with Green Chlorite and SAND Phantoms
Large Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz Cluster
Rare Tan Chlorite Phantoms, White Titanium Tips - Arkansas Quartz Cluster
Grand Miniature Chlorite Included Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystal
Green Chlorite ET Compound Crystal
Tan Chlorite Phantom, Rare Irises, Arkansas Tabular Hera Crystal
Top Hat & Tails - Chlorite Dendrite
White Phantoms [Rare], Sand Included Quartz Floater Cluster
Tan Chlorite Included Arkansas Crystal Quantum Floater
Green Chlorite Phantom and Inclusions to Brilliantly Barnacled Rare Dogtooth DT Rock Crystal
Mona Lisa Smile - A Face in an Arkansas Rock Crystal var. White Phantom; Green, Tan, White Chlorite Inclusions
Arkansas Green Chlorite Phantom, Shield Faced Crystal
Doubly-Clustered Doubly-Terminated Green/Tan Chlorite AND White Phantom Crystals, Large Cabinet
Slightly Curved Doubly-Terminated  Multi-Layer Dark Green Chlorite Phantom Laser
20-FACED Green Chlorite Phantom Doubly-Terminated Crystal, Arkansas
Celadon/Tan Chlorite Phantoms to Clear Arkansas Thumbnail Point
Green Chlorite Phantom Clusterette, Doubly-Terminated [Miniature]
Thumbnail Green Chlorite Phantom, Rainbow Foil Point
Green Chlorite Phantoms, Interrupted Growth, Multi-Terminated Floater Crystal
Showy Large Quantum Cluster, Green Chlorite and Rare Irises
Tabular Green/Tan Chlorite Phantom Twin with Reverse Scepter, Miniature
Petite Tri-Color Green Phantom - Rare Arkansas Needle Rock Crystal
Arkansas Green Chlorite Rooftop Phantom Tabular Recordkeeper Crystal, Miniature/Pendant-Sized
Fancy Natural Green Chlorite Included-Occluded Arkansas Rock Crystal Focal - Earthy, Healing, Glamorous Miniature