Clear/White Arkansas Quartz Crystals

Natural Arkansas clear/white rock crystals including single, twin, doubly- and multi-terminated specimens with main faces [facets] of 7-edged channel [shovel], uncommon 8-edged channel [mule's foot], rare chisel, Isis [spade], rare split faced, rare step faced, or quite rare shield faced...tabular, dogtooth, scepter and more.

7 Pound 13 Ounce-Large Tabular Arkansas Elestial Chisel Crystal, Rainbows
WINGED RARITY - Long 7" Dogtooth Arkansas Rock Crystal
Astounding, Clear Tabular Chisel Crystal - Selene Rainbow Shells
Doubly-Terminated Rare Curved Dogtooth Crystal, Faden Veil
BRILLIANT Crystal Clear 11-FACED Rarity - Arkansas Jewelry Point
Arkansas Extra-Terrestrial Crystal, Through-And-Through Point - Small Cabinet
Awesome Tabular Rock Crystal Scepter, Rare Dogtooth Stick
SOLD:  Crystal Clear Tiny Tabular Arkansas Quartz CrossLarge Arkansas Channeling Crystal, Tabular Riders
Wonderful 8-Edged Channel Faced [Rare] Arkansas Crystal, Uncommon 7h Faced, Small Cabinet
Christian Cross Manifestation Crystals
Exceptional Doubly-Terminated Manifestation Crystal
Tabular Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Crystal, Big Iris Permanent Rainbow
Arkansas Crystal Clear Penetrated RARE Scepter Quartz, Thumbnail
Naturally Etched Arkansas Crystal Scepter
Supersized Arkansas Doubly-Terminated Rock Crystal, Twin Tips
Arkansas Reverse Scepter, Beta Crystal Top
Super Clear 9 Faced Rainbow 5.75" DT Crystal
Brilliant Large Tabular 8-Faced Arkansas Rock Crystal
Doubly-Terminated Quartz Crystal, Manifestion Points
Large Arkansas Tabular Isis Hera Crystal, Rainbows
Puffy Rounded Rare Faden Veil Tabular Arkansas Point
Multi-Terminated Tabular Crystals in Parallel Growth form Natural Heart, Curved
Laddered Tabular Twin Faden Crystal Wand, Reverse Scepter
Arkansas Crystal Point, Brilliant Foils and Rainbows
Doubly-Terminated Arkansas Tabular Faden Quartz Crystal
Arkansas Tabular Scepter Crystal, Doubly-Terminated, Faden, Miniature: Montgomery Crystal Co 18q-WDT2-19198
Doubly-Terminated Laser Crystal, Half-Tab, Rainbows
Smoky Quartz Drusy Over Penetrated Diamond Window Tabular Point
Gem Clear Interrupted Growth Hera Crystal
Twin-Tip Dogtooth Faden Host, Rainbow Quartz Crystals
Extra Large Cabinet Arkansas Tabular Crystal with Manifestation Cluster
Tall Tabular ELEVEN-Faced VERY Rare Arkansas Rock Crystal
 LARGE Arkansas Tabular Crystal, Penetrating Elestial Fin
Sparkling Multi-Terminated - Many Penetrators Arkansas Rock Crystal
Arkansas Gem Grade Clear EIGHT Faced Isis Point, After-Calcite Fins - Miniature
Tall Elegant Grade A Arkansas Channel Faced Rock Crystal with Uncommon 7h Face, Miniature